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Who We Are

At its core, Universal Physicians isn’t a product, a building or a process…it’s people. People who care about improving the lives of others and people who love working together to accomplish that. Our Universal Physicians team has more than two centuries of combined experience
developing, selling and supporting some of the most beloved products in the world. We’re here to serve you!

What We Do

The Universal Physicians team is laser-focused on developing innovative products that solve real world problems. And the reason for all that is you. Taking care of you and making you happy is what earns us our most coveted possession. Our A+ BBB rating is proof that what we are doing is meaningful, adds valuable and accomplishes what we set out to do in the first place.

Our Promise

We promise to make every effort to bring the best and most innovative products to our customers. We will strive to offer quality products that meet the highest expectations of our customers.

our products


FastHelp is the product that is turning the Medical Alert Device upside down. The old-style Medical Alert Device provides expensive and complicated systems, setup and activation fees, contracts and agreements all to support an infrastructure built around an expensive call center that you have to talk to before you can actually get help. FastHelp changes all that by providing unlimited and direct help wherever cell service is available with no monthly bills.


Coming soon, the BrainPad is the tablet specifically designed for seniors with free access to Wi-Fi and a suite of hundreds of games specifically curated for seniors. The BrainPad also boasts three of the most powerful brain training apps, so it’s not just fun but challenges you with games designed to improve memory and mental acuity. It also comes with a quick start guide specifically designed with people who have never used a computer in mind.​

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